Programs: Angel Heart Nursery, Dubai

Angelic Infants : 6 Months - 18 Months

Duration: 1 Year

Individual needs are taken into account when planning daily activities. Children enrolled in Angelic Infants are encouraged to learn through curiosity & explo.. read more

Cuddly Toddlers : 18 Months - 24 Months

Duration: 1 Year

.. read more

Twinkle Totts : 24 Months - 36 Months

Duration: 1 Year

Twinkle Totts' kids are extremely active and are provided with lots of scope for stimulating play, as well as lots of encouragement and affection.  .. read more

Giggling Angels : 36 Months - 48 Months

Duration: 1 Year

Giggling Angels is designed to provide the many aspects of learning required by EYFS with excellent materials and resources. We strive to provide our childre.. read more

Programs at Angel Heart Nursery